Are You Satisfied With Your Movie Organizer?

Best Movie Organizer Free Download

Numerous migrants to All My Movies from other movie organizers are the evidence that users are not quite satisfied with the movie organizers they are using. Let's consider the reasons and look into why All My Movies is really better than others and what users get cataloging their movie collection with this powerful movie catalogue.

First of all, the key features of this movie organizer are easiness and simplicity. It's easy import of information about movies from the online database as well as many others, the number of plug-ins for other popular databases constantly growing. It's fast movie search by many fields: title, editor, release days, actors, genre, description and others. It's handy and easy-to-use loan manager - you'll hardly ever have a chance to forget whom you've given your favourite movie. Really fast and efficient users' support is also not of least importance.

Secondly, it's high functionality of the movie organizer that everybody loves: strong import and export functions, competent loan manager, availability of quick filters which help to deal fast with huge collections, etc. You can edit templates and make your own using built-in template editor. You will also appreciate the chance to make a beautiful album with all the movies in your collection and include there any functions you like! Besides, the program allows printing covers for DVD boxes as well - just awesome! So, having such an album at hand, your family and you will have no more problems choosing what to see this evening - it's a pleasure to have a look at your collection of movies and choose together what to see this evening.

Best Movie Organizer - Main window screenshot Best Movie Organizer - virtual shelf view Best Movie Organizer - Thumbnails view

By the way, the movie organizer supports TV series - so, you'll be able to automatically download the titles and description of all episodes. And the ability to capture screenshots right from the movie and saving them in the database makes the whole process very enjoyable. This opportunity will allow you to quickly remember the movie you might have forgotten. Password protection of your video database will help you to make a database of adult movies without being afraid that children will see it by accident. So, you see that the program's opportunities are really huge - that means that you'll get plenty of benefits using All My Movies.

Thirdly, it's eye appeal that everybody mentions when speaking about All My Movies. Large covers, detailed info about actors, scenarios, directors automatically downloaded from online sources, several great visual modes and a lot of templates make the movie organizer really impressive and beautiful!

So, the majority of users fall deeply in love with this movie organizer at the first sight - think of it - it's not only because the program is really awesome - it's due to the fact that All My Movies does make your life a lot easier and more organized! Just give it a try - the program is absolutely free within 30 days after installation.